**HARD RAIN IS FALLIN´ DOWN** - Manoel Ferreira

Have you ever seen the rain, my friend?
I believe you´ve ever seen it, some times you deeply wish it can stop. You wish deeply. But it never ends. Sometimes it comes, sometimes it goes away. You take a look at the horizon, the sun shines the most wonderful. So you think of yourself, it´s time to follow the long road straight ahead, it´s time to dream of all things, it´s time to hope the very deeply hopeness. Rain comes again.
I used a long, long time ago not to admit the rain in a sunny day. Just only in a time of shadow and sadness. Raindrops wash, clean up sadness and shadow, a new time comes. Times had changed. Nowadays I really comprehend and understand the rain in a sunny day. With it you learn how important is the sun, its sunlight, it doesn´t matter if it rains. The sun is onto your soul, so deeply. You may call it "hope", "utopia", "dream", you may call it as you wish, but something you can never deny: it´s life. If you put a candle in the window and get another way, life is within you, it is your partner in every moment.
Let me exemplify it for you. I beg your pardon if it´s so simple. It´s raining now, a hard raining is falling down. I´m writin´in English. English is my sun now. sun that shines so hardly. The whole world can understand, I´m a world cytizen. What you feel, what´s onto you accordingly to your feelings, your hopeness it´s the most important. Imagine if i didn´t know how to write and speak English how could I talk to everyone in the world, how could I write a letter for everyone? It would be impossible. I would be here in silence hearing the rain falling down. It ain´t do me any good.
You are a poet, a writer, ain´t you? Your readers make your life, make your world, they are your partners. So give them the best you can, your love, your tenderness, your friendship, if it´s the best necessary give´em your soul. Any hard rain won´t make difference. So you will say every time it falls down: "Let the rain falls..." That´s what I say right now: "Let the hard rain falls... The sun is shining"
It´s not difficult to feel it deeply: it depends on how you live your life, how you dream your dreams. John Lennon had said: "There´s no trouble, only solutions" Since I had heard it I believe. The hard rain is falling down but as I dream my dreams I´m talking to all the people in the world, I hear their whispers, I feel every beat of my heart.

Manoel Ferreira Neto.
(13 de abril de 2016)